17 May 2013

10 Weeks Down!

Hello Everyone!
Well... what a whirlwind these past few weeks have been! I can not believe how quickly this is all happening. It seems like only yesterday we were getting our head round the idea that we will be having IVF. Now, after a short while it seems, we are pregnant with our little miracle.
You may recall in the earlier days of this blog I said something along the lines of 'I will not moan throughout my pregnancy'. Well I can tell you that I have moaned... a lot... ha ha! It is only really because of the morning (midday, afternoon, evening, night-time) sickness though. The tiredness I can deal with, I love bed! It is purely just this constant feeling of nausea and the fact that I am now, without fail vomiting every morning. Nice...
I hope I am one of the 'lucky' sufferers of morning sickness (or Hyperemesis, as it has been written on my notes) that stop feeling this way once the 12 week barrier is passed. I have just about had enough of it now, considering it started at 6 weeks exactly! I have become a bit of a recluse really, but I am hoping that once the nausea stops I will be able to get on with my life as normal again!
Amongst that symptom I still get tired a lot, I have dizzy spells and the odd minor headache. I also have a lovely roadmap of veins that are appearing all the time, not just on my breasts but also my legs. My tummy feels as though it is starting to stretch, although I am yet to have a visible 'bump'. My hair and nails are growing rapidly, and my bottom often 'pipes up' throughout the day! I guess my least attractive symptom is the fine hair that is growing on my tummy. How disgusting!
Our meeting with the midwife was brilliant, although she did say that I was probably dehydrated, and my blood pressure was quite low, but that is normal. It was just so lovely to finally get my 'bounty pack' and notes. It made it so much more real somehow. I even had to take it with me to a blood test and it probably looked like I was displaying it with pride, ha ha!
As the days pass this pregnancy is becoming more and more real. Sometimes I am still caught by the awe of it all. I am pregnant... I can't believe it! Phil and I are still in shock I think? We are both incredibly happy though. To think that in just 30 weeks (this number may seem a lot, but it really isn't!) the child that we have been waiting for will be here. Madness...
We are soon to have our 12 week scan, it is booked for the 31st May, when I will (should) be 12 weeks and 2 days. We are really looking forward to seeing baby Dave again, and seeing how he/she has progressed since the 7 week scan. I do find myself worrying that something will go wrong, or be wrong with Dave, but Phil keeps on telling me that it will all be perfect so I should try and hold on to that really... it is hard though.
Still, I must be positive! There is a lot to look forward to, and I want to just put it in writing now that I think baby Dave is going to be a girl... just a feeling!
Take Care All x