15 January 2013

Almost there!

Hello everyone!

So here we are, standing on the edge of it all. 1 day to go until the seminar and we are feeling very excited about it all! We are not so excited about the fact that we have got to make a 1 and half hour journey and be there for 9am though! Ha ha, needs must i guess...

I assume that at the seminar we will be going over every option of IVF, ICSI etc. Learning all about it and being shown around the clinic. Meeting various staff members and just having a general 'welcome' day.

Then we will have just over a week to wait until our consultant appointment!

It is all happening now!

I am doing quite well with my weight loss and am currently at 11st7lb, which gives me a BMI of 30.6. Still not the best but i have a couple of weeks to go and i am so determined. We are going on our nightly walks still and have found that we can now do 4 miles in one go, which is fantastic! I will lose this weight!

Whilst on our walks it gives us the perfect opportunity to discuss everything and you may find it strange but we have been speaking about how much having a child will change our life, and how maybe we will find that difficult.

The trouble with us is that we are, well i am almost 28 (urgh... don't talk to me about it...ha ha) and as we have been trying for so long now (3 years almost seriously trying, about 5 years not preventing) we foolishly expected to be pregnant with at least our second child by now. Our problem is that we are now too set in our ways. If we had had our child when we were say 24 then we would not know any different. It would be natural to be tired, selfless, think of someone else all the time. We are now feeling like, urgh... we won't be able to just do what we want all the time, how annoying! Ha ha!

I am sure that once we are confirmed as pregnant we will be over the moon and totally forget about all of those thoughts, but it is something to ponder isn't it?


Taking everything into account though we are truly excited and ready to become a proper family and can only hope and wish that the IVF works first time for us.

Please keep your fingers crossed!

Take Care All xxx


  1. Hope u get this tried on other one was just writting one more sleep to go xxxxx exciting cant wait to hear all about it love u millions u too big hugs xxxxx Robyn

  2. Im assuming this is my friend Robyn :) hello! Hope you are ok, im so worried about you xxx

    Thank you, love you too xxx