4 January 2013

Edging Closer

Hello Everyone,

It has been too long again since my last post, but what with christmas and family stuff to do its quite hard to find a decent amount of time to write a post.

I hope everyone has had a lovely christmas and new year. Our new year was made even more special with the safe arrival of my little sister Lauren's baby boy on the 31st December. We are going over to see him later on this evening and i am very excited to meet him!

I can't believe how quickly January is already going, its mad!

It needs to slow down a bit as unfortunately due to lots of naughty buffet style meals during the christmas holidays i managed to put on 7lb! That is disgusting! However i am now back on track, eating breakfast, salad for lunch and exercising as much as i can. I am happy to say that with that lot happening i weighed in this morning at 11st 9lb, which is fantastic! Definitely need to keep this up...

So we received our letter from Bourn Hall and to my surprise not only did it confirm our seminar appointment for the 16th January it also told us that we have been booked in for an additional appointment. This is for the 25th January and it is our consultation meeting with the consultant. I am assuming this is when we will discuss everything arrange the IVF to start. It could mean that in less than a month we will know when we will be starting the huge journey... nervous?

Mostly i really need to shift some of this weight so i can be at the correct BMI for the treatment, and by the sounds of things i need to shift it soon! That is my worry above everything else at the moment.

Wish me luck everyone!

Take Care All xxx


  1. oh my goooodness... It's happening! IT'S HAPPENING! Also congrats to Lauren!

    P.s. this month's a busy one for me but I'll definitely see you in it, be it for my birthday or whatever

    Love you lots, keep up the good work. Let me know if you go to zumba or something and want a buddy xxx

  2. Ha ha, you are so cute!

    I am thinking off starting swimming if you fancy it hun?