12 December 2012

So it begins...

Hello Everyone,

It has been quite a while since i last posted but i realised that if i don't have anything to say then there is not much point in making a post. I want to keep this blog interesting and i think that following that 'rule' is probably best.

Anyway, my period came and went and i was kindly treated to an almost pain free week. I have concluded that the Clomid was what was making it hurt so much. The pain really was excruciating. Possibly the worst period pains i had ever had so i am really thankful that i don't have to endure those again.

Life has just been carrying on, work, christmas shopping, putting the tree up etc but in the back of our minds (probably in the front really) we were still thinking about when our letter from Bourn Hall would arrive. I decided that if the letter had not arrived by today then i was going to call the clinic to check whether they had recieved our details yet. However i didn't even have a chance to do that! They called me!

I was just sitting watching a bit of TV when they rung, a really lovely woman (for the life of me i can not remember her name) said that they had received our details, all was ok (i didn't realise there was a chance that it wouldn't be ok?) and they would like us to come to a welcome seminar at the clinic on the 16th January 2013. She said that at the seminar we would learn all about IVF and what they offer, it would be with about 28 other couples and then after that we would be looking to start the IVF process with my February cycle.


Firstly, typical... blooming typical. Phil and I rarely go on holiday and it is just so typical that we are going to Centre Parcs in late February. I have worked it out with Robyn and if my cycle stays the same (beginning at the start of the month) then we should be ok to have everything sorted and organised before the holiday. It might even be a good idea that we are going away as i will be less stressed. However, this is Centre Parcs, you usually do lots of walking, activities etc. Looks like it will be lots of time in front of the fire relaxing instead! Or we may decide to see if the clinic will start the process after the holiday with my March cycle.

Also, if we are lucky (please let us be lucky) and we fall pregnant with this first IVF attempt we will most likely have a December baby. Which is not ideal, but again beggars can't be choosers.

We will be over the moon either way!

She left it by telling me i will receive all the details in a letter soon and that she hoped we have a lovely Christmas. I think we will!

So now we have our dates, something i have wanted for a long time... and what do i think?


Ha ha, seriously though, my first thought was 'oh my god, i might have a baby next year... im not ready! I'm too young, i won't know what to do!'

How mad is that! I think the reality of the situation hit me. Obviously there is a high chance that we won't fall pregnant on the first attempt so please don't think me naive. However i am going to stay positive and hope for the best. That is all we can do.

So, here we go, not long until we can say a huge goodbye to 2012 and a massive hello to 2013, i have said to Phil 2013 will be our year.

After all, it is about blooming time!

Take Care All xxx

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