29 November 2012

Blissfully Waiting?

Hello Everyone,

It has now been 2 weeks since we were given the go ahead for IVF and we still haven't received our letter. I have asked the IVF group on BabyCentre how long they had to wait for their letters and to be honest it was a bit of a mixed bag. Most were waiting about a month though so that has made me relax a bit more, but i think i will follow the advice of one of the ladies and call the clinic late next week to see if it is all running smoothly. Hopefully they won't think i'm annoying!
Phil and I have had a lovely break this month from everything baby-making related, i just felt that we needed to stop making it all about having a baby and start it off nice and fresh, with only 'having a good' time the reason why. It has made me more relaxed, im not testing ovulation, shoving thermometers where they are not welcome, putting my legs up in the air instead of having a cuddle! I am now only a few days away from AF (Aunt Flo) and quite frankly, i welcome her!
As for my BMI, its not going too well, i have been sick with a pretty bad cold this last week and as such haven't been able to do all of my night-time walks. We really need to kick that up a gear so i can lose as much weight as possible before our appointment at the clinic. There are no excuses fatty!
In light of trying to lose weight we have also started trying new, healthy foods, lentils are disgusting... yes there is a chance im cooking them wrong, but they honestly taste like dry skin. Goji berries are apparently good for weight loss and male fertility, so that is 2 birds, 1 stone. However, they do not taste all that great either. We have (grudgingly) been putting them with our cereal in the morning. We are soldiering on!
Why is it that most things that are healthy for us taste awful?
My lovely friend Lauren also gave me some decaf tea to try out as i really need to reduce the amount of caffeine i drink and it wasn't too bad! It might take a few cups to get used to it but im sure i will learn to love it, just like i love green tea.
Speaking of which, time to put the kettle on!

Take Care All xxx

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  1. I'm glad you've been able to relax a bit, love you x x