19 November 2012

A Fresh Start

Hello Everyone,

I first started this blog a few years ago when my husband Phil and I decided we would like to try for a little baby. However almost 3 years have now past and we are still childless, but we have just been given the go ahead for IVF.

Alongside this i am also trying to lose weight, to get myself to a healthy BMI, i am a bit fed up of being a tubster now.

I guess that will be what this blog mostly covers really, as well as some random things i expect!

I wanted to write this blog as a record of my thoughts and feelings during this testing time, and for those of you who have not found it easy to pro-create will know that it can be turbulent. Phil and I have been through all the necessary tests, and while i appear to be fine unfortunately Phil's soldiers are not performing as they should. He has a low morphology rate of 2% and some of those that are ok don't wish to find the elusive egg.

Lazy little buggers...

So here we go, first things first we have our blood tests this coming Wednesday, those are for Hep B + C and HIV, plus i also need a Full Blood Count. It is safe to say that i hate blood tests, absolutely detest them. I often faint and they always leave me with a huge bruise on my arm. So i was devilishly pleased when our consultant at the hospital said that Phil will also have to have the tests. Finally! Some pain for him throughout all of this. I have had to have all sorts of tests and procedures so its about time he felt some too!!! Ha ha ha!

Meanwhile we are waiting for our consultation appointment to discuss everything at the fertility clinic we have chosen. It is called Bourn Hall, and it is in Cambridge. I have had a little snoop around on the clinic's website and was delighted to find out that it was the very first IVF clinic in the world! Louise Brown the first test-tube baby was conceived there! How fantastic is that? I am full of the confidence that i have really lacked these past few years and i truely hope that we will get our baby(s) first time...

Fingers crossed...

I suppose i shall end now by saying that i hope to update this blog on a regular basis, we shall see how it goes!

Take Care All xxx

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