3 December 2013

1 Week Left!

Hello Everyone,

Wow... i have made it to 39 weeks... 1 week to go! Argh! Who would of thought it! People said that for the last few weeks time seems to slow down, but not for me! It is still going at a ridiculous rate!

Baby Dave will be here soon, and because of our induction date this time next Tuesday (unless she comes earlier) i will hopefully be in the throes of labour!

Rewinding back a bit though, there is lots to tell...

So i had the regular 38 week midwife appointment last week and all was going really well until she measured my bump. Dave has been above the 50th centile line (almost at the 90th line at one stage) throughout the whole of my pregnancy, but with the new bump measurement that day Dave went below the 10th centile line for growth. You might think that that is ok, and that we shouldn't really worry because it is a tape measurement and they are not 100% accurate, but the midwife who measured me is the head midwife... so she knows what she is doing.

Anyway, she decided that i need another growth scan and contacted the hospital to book me in there and then. She also said that she would like me to go for regular CTG's (a trace of the baby's heartbeat), including having one that day. The hospital came back with an appointment time of 11:30 for the next Thursday and then i made my way to the MAU (Maternity Unit) to have the CTG.

I arrived at the hospital and was put on the monitor quite quickly. After just 30 minutes i was able to go home, all was well and i was asked to come back on Monday for another trace.

Then on Saturday i had my Baby Shower! I was so excited for my party! It was a small gathering of close family and friends and we had such a good time. My mother-in-law hosted it for me, and my sister Sharon took care of the games and activities! There was loads of food and so many laughs! I had a nice new top on that i bought especially and i felt really loved. I had a fantastic time and feel so lucky to have such a wonderful group of people around me.

On Monday morning Phil and i made our way to the hospital again for the second CTG. I was on the machine for almost an hour this time. Again it all went really well, although i didn't really feel Dave move much, and movement has slowed down quite a lot, that might just be normal though. The midwife said that i did not need to come in for another trace as i have my scan booked for Thursday. She also said that if i felt worried then i could always come back at any time.

That brings us to now, with a day or so to go until we have our growth scan. I have mixed feelings about it. I am really looking forward to seeing Dave again, seeing how much she has grown, and what is nice is that Phil has taken the day off so he can come along too. However i am not sure what our options will be following the scan... Will we be ok to wait until the 10th for our induction, or will they bring it forward? Maybe i will even be induced on Thursday?

Will she of grown enough by then to keep her in? Or will they think it is best to get her out as soon as possible? Chances are she is going to be smaller than we first thought, possibly just over 6lb, so we have bought a few tiny baby items for her just encase. It might be better for her to come out sooner rather than later because that way i will be able to look after her and feed her up quicker.

So this is where we are... teetering on the edge of the unknown. Our baby could be here in a few days... and she will be here for definite in just over a week.

Are we ready???

Of course we are... 6 days to go.

Take Care All x

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