16 November 2013

Maternity Leave and Consultant Scan

Hello Everyone,

So we are now getting very close to Baby Dave's due date... scarily close in fact! Just over 3 weeks to go!

I have now started my maternity leave. My last day at work was such a strange one, everything i did i kept thinking 'last time i park my car there', 'last time i turn on my computer and open the front door', 'last time i use my work cup'... Luckily it was a busy day, i love working and enjoy being busy so i wasn't looking for the day to be a quiet one at all!

What was really wonderful is that after lunch i went back down to reception and everyone was there waiting, with flowers, a card, balloon and gift for me. I went bright red instantly  (and it took me about an hour to cool down afterwards!) and the senior partner John said a few words, then i said a little something, most probably really embarrassing, but it was nice to say a few things. Then before i knew it the day was over, and i shut down reception for the last time... as i was driving home i felt very strange and when i got in i let a few tears out, bless me...

Most people say that once you go on maternity leave time really slows down, but i am not too sure of that! Time is just disappearing for us. My whole pregnancy has gone quickly, and many others agree. The memory of me doing my first test is still fresh in my mind so we have got to this point now in the blink of an eye it seems. I guess because Christmas is coming up and i will be so busy trying to get that sorted and organised before Dave comes, plus we still have a few things to do in preparation for her. The days are just whizzing by!

The day after i left work i had a consultant appointment and scan at the hospital. My lovely mother-in-law came with me which was nice. We didn't have to wait long at all for the scan, i had barely finished doing my urine sample and we were called in! It was only brief, but the sonographer confirmed that Dave was growing really well, all was normal, and he estimated her current weigh at 5lb 11oz, so it looks like she isn't going to be a big girl, hopefully around the 7lb mark.

Then i went and had my blood pressure checked, urine checked etc with the midwife. She also had a quick look through my birth plan, and said that it was great, which was nice to know! Then we went in to see the consultant.

He checked to see what position Dave was in and confirmed that she is head down and 3/5th's engaged! That is amazing news! She is almost half way down and going the right way, i was so proud! That would explain all those pains i have been getting down below! He also said that he will request a date for our induction, saying that he would prefer it to be as close to Dave's due date as possible.

Then yesterday i received a call from a midwife at the hospital who was hoping to book my induction in. What!!! That was quicker than expected... So it has been booked in for 9am on the 10th December! Our due date! We can't believe it! We have the luxury of knowing that she will not be weeks late and it is so lovely to know that we won't have to play the waiting game or wonder when she will come. We are so lucky in that sense. Unless she comes early we will be at the hospital on the 10th and at least starting the process.

Obviously being induced on that day does not mean that she will be born that day, we may even get the 11/12/13 birth date which will be great, but it mean's that she will be a good distance away from Christmas. We are really excited and looking forward to it. We are so ready to have our miracle now...

24 days to go!

Take Care All x

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