5 November 2013

35 Weeks!

Hello Everyone!

We have just 5 weeks to go... 6 weeks maximum (because the consultant does not want us to go past 41 weeks due to IVF, so will give me an induction date close to the time)!

Oh my god... it is really happening isn't it? Before we know it Phil and I will be responsible for a small baby girl. We are both ready and not ready at the same time. How can you begin to comprehend how huge a change of lifestyle having a baby will be? We have been ready to be parents and have a family for a few years now... but have we really???

Well, there is nothing to be done now, Baby Dave is coming, and she is coming fast!

At my 34 week midwife appointment she confirmed that Dave is head down and starting to brim. I have a scan booked for the 36 week appointment and i hope that Dave has started to engage by then. I think she is trying to make her way in to my pelvis because i have had a fair amount of sharp twinges around that area. My midwife also confirmed that Dave is growing well so that is a great relief.

I am still enjoying a daily vomit every morning, except for this morning? Weird... I have been sick every day since 6 weeks, and now at 35 weeks i haven't. Maybe it has finally stopped? Or maybe it will be much worse tomorrow to make up for it! Ha ha. Dave is moving about and jabbing me in all sorts of places all day long, which is wonderful. I am grateful that i have the re-assurance of her movements daily.

Plus it seems i have finally got my first baby related stretch mark... boo! It is only tiny at the moment and just under my belly button, which has yet to pop out, but i don't think it will be much longer before it does!

We have finally had some real progress on Dave's nursery! It is beautiful, and only slightly messy still. There are a few bits to still sort out but i think in the next couple of weeks it will be finished and i will be able to put a picture of it on here for you all!

We went to the BabyShow at the Olympia, Kensington a couple of weeks ago and had such a fantastic time! We travelled up to London on the train/ tube with my friend Lauren and her little family and spent the day there. I do think it is better to go to the show when you still need to buy a lot of things for your little one, but it was still worth it for us to go. It was a great experience and we got some lovely freebies as well as ordered the glider nursing chair for Dave's room. At a discount too!

I now only have 4 more shifts at work left until my maternity leave starts. The last week i am doing 3 of those shifts in a row, which is really tough. I find myself getting really tired mid afternoon so it will be interesting to see how my last week goes. Once that is out of the way though i can really start to concentrate on getting Christmas organised. Trying to sort Christmas in December will be a nightmare, so everything really needs to be all ready and wrapped before the 1st December, which is when we will put up our tree! So exciting!!!

So 35 days to go until we are 40 weeks... the countdown begins.

Take Care All x


  1. I lost the link to this blog, but I have now caught up and enjoyed reading all the updates! I don't know you, yet im so glad you have gotten your happy ending!

  2. Oh bless you Lauren, shame we don't know eachother :) Glad you found me again, hope things are well with you x