15 February 2013

Injection Day 1

Hello everyone!

Well i have done it... i have plucked up the courage and injected myself. Not many people can say that now can they? Also now that a couple of hours have passed since doing it i can actually feel chuffed with myself.

I feel like a super woman! Like i can do anything! Ha ha!

I'm not going to say it hurts, because in retrospect it doesn't really... this is coming from someone who has loads of blood tests, on many occasions!

As i was putting the syringe and needle together i did start to feel a bit nervous and queasy, but it must of just been from my worrying about the unknown. I guess i was worried about not doing it right, or it hurting a lot, which of course is completely normal!

I thought it would be a good idea to put up some pictures of me doing the injection, maybe one day it will help someone else who comes across this blog? Also it will be nice to show you all what i am going through!

So first of all it is a good idea to get yourself prepared:

Then put together your needle like shown below:

Poke the needle into the Buserelin vial and turn it upside down so that the needle is immersed in the liquid:

Pull back the plastic plunger slowly to fill the syringe to 0.5ml (check that is the correct dose for you), if you get any air bubbles tap the syringe to remove them, or pull the plunger back behind the 0.5ml mark and slowly push it forward to release the air into the vial:

Clean the injection area (just any area below the belly button) with the antiseptic wipe:

Pinch the skin and push the needle in, you will need to be quite brave at this point. If you go too slowly it will most likely hurt, but don't go to quickly either! My information said to use 'a dart like motion', i didn't throw it in though, i just eased it in without being too soft.

Then slowly inject the liquid by pushing on the plunger until it stops:

After you have injected all of the liquid remove the needle carefully and cover it with the safety cap:

Then dispose of the covered needle in the sharps box:

So there you have it! Simple aye?

About 2 minutes after injecting my belly did go a bit strange, it felt quite itchy and i developed a red rash (i look pregnant already!):

This is quite normal apparently and after about an hour my skin returned to normal and i have a small red dot showing the site of the injection.

I am truely excited and happy that i have taken a huge step towards our dream today. I am really proud of myself and am so glad that we are finally making progress...

1 down, loads to go!

Take Care All xxx


  1. Im so proud... You're making me broody, stop it! ;) xxx

  2. Ooo big one tomorrow Friday isn't it exciting , missed u hope u both had a good holiday xxx Robyn P.s i want to see pics of big one oh and the holiday :0) xxx

  3. Awww Natasha, you are so sweet! xxx

    Thanks Robyn, we had a great holiday, was really good to relax. Don't worry, i will be doing a picture post of the big one too, and will see you very soon to show you our holiday pics! xxx