2 March 2013

Injection Day 16

Hello everyone!

So we are over 2 weeks into our first IVF cycle and it is going by so fast! I thought i would be waiting for the days to go by, counting down the time to each injection and feeling as though i was getting nowhere. However it seems as though it is always 6:30pm, always time for injections.

I don't know if it is a good thing or not. Is it a good thing that life is going so quickly? Soon it will be embryo transfer day and we will be in PUPO (a wonderful term meaning: pregnant until proven otherwise)! I also see the positive side of it going so quickly though, i haven't really had a chance to think about things. I am just getting it done!

Having said that injecting is becoming more difficult. The first couple of times were relatively easy really, just straight in and i was done. Now though, maybe 8 times out of 10 i have a bit of trouble getting the needle in. My stomach is a mess of lumpy, bruised, red spotty marks... nice. I don't know what the problem is, maybe it is because of the bruises? Maybe it is something subconscious? Maybe it is my body trying to fight against me sticking a needle in it every day?

When a 'bad day' happens it really does bloody hurt. It is so frustrating trying to do something that you don't really want to do, but know that you have to do. Then when it isn't working it is such a difficult thing to get your head around. Today's injection was a bad day. I just couldn't get the needle in and in the end i just sat there crying my eyes out. It is so ridiculous, your head knows that you are being an idiot but the effect of the medication makes you silly and makes you think your only option is just to cry. I have found that by changing the needle on the syringe helps, the new needle usually goes straight in and all the worries disappear. Until the next day that is...

Other than the ridiculous crying symptom i have had very few symptoms over the last couple of weeks. The main symptom is tiredness. I have been absolutely shattered, sometimes going to bed early and sometimes i have even had an afternoon nap! Still, i expect being tired is all good practice for the future!

I have also had a few headaches, but nothing that would require any painkillers. I have had one episode of hot flushing and often feel really cold, which is very unlike me. I have also had a little bit of nausea and constipation, plus Phil tells me that 'apparently' i have had mood swings? That doesn't sound like me does it?! Ha ha.

In other news, since i have had my period as expected (thankfully Aunt Flo didn't mess me about) i spoke to a nurse at Bourn Hall and she said that someone will be contacting me on Monday about starting the Gonal-F injections.

If nothing changes from the original plan i will be reducing my Buserelin to 0.2ml per day and injecting the Gonal-F daily too. This will hopefully stimulate my ovaries to produce a lot more follicles than normal, which will mean that we should have lots of lovely egg's to inseminate later on in March.

We have done so well so far, i just hope our luck continues and that we are in PUPO soon...

Take Care All xxx

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