12 March 2013


Hello everyone!

As planned i received my phone call on the Monday, typically the clinic rang the minute i was away from my phone, but i left a voicemail and they called back quite quickly, they are good like that. The nurse said that i was to start taking 150iu of Gonal-F alongside the reduced injection of Buserelin. They also booked me in for my 1st scan on the 14th March to check how i am responding to the stimulation, i am really looking forward to that day!

It has now been a few days since i started injecting Gonal-F to stimulate my ovaries into producing more follicles, which will hopefully contain lots of eggs. It is going quite well although i do have some lovely bruises to show for my efforts!

The needle's that i attach to the injection pen seem to scratch a bit more but are easier to get in my belly! Much easier than the troublesome Buserelin syringe, which is just not playing fair! Still at least i only have to inject 0.2ml of that now!

As each day passes Phil and i are getting more and more involved and excited by the whole process. We know too well that things don't always go to plan and are really trying to keep our excitement in check, but it is just so hard! We are just so hopeful that things continue to go really well and that we are blessed with a miracle.

Have your fingers crossed everyone!

For now though i thought i would show you how to use the Gonal-F pen...

Firstly lay everything out in front of you:

Then attach the needle to the end by pushing it and then screwing it on, then remove the outer cover of the needle exposing the smaller green cover:

Then turn the dial until your required dose shows in the black oval window, mine is currently 150iu:

Insert the needle slowly, it is a good idea to make sure you can see the oval window and that your finger can reach the top of the pen:

Then slowly but firmly push down on the end of the pen to inject the liquid, whilst keeping your finger on the end count to 10 before pulling out the needle (make sure you do not release your finger until the needle is fully removed):

Check that the oval window shows 0, this will show that you injected the full amount:

Then finally replace the outer plastic cover onto the needle, unscrew the needle off the pen and discard it in your sharps box:

So, there you go! Simple as peas! Ha ha!

I am not sure how long we will have to continue with these injections, today is day 26! It really is going so fast. I hope that the scan will show a good result and that we will only have to have 1, or maybe 2 more scans before we get to have our egg collection.

These next few weeks will certainly be interesting...

Take Care All xxx

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