22 March 2013

Feeling Strange...

Hello Everyone!

At 2:10pm today i called the clinic for the update on our 7 little eggs and right now i think Phil and i are in a state of shock...

Out of the 7 collected 6 eggs were suitable for ICSI (a process of injecting the sperm directly into the egg) and out of those 6 only 3 have fertilised.

We are booked in for our egg transfer tomorrow morning at 10pm (although i expect there will be a bit of a wait before the embryo is put back) and we are both a little bit... meh?

I think it is because it is happening so soon! This last week has gone so mad we haven't really had time to think. There has been appointment after appointment, the egg collection was only yesterday and to have the transfer tomorrow? I just haven't had time to think about it.

I think we are a little bit sad that only 3 of our eggs have made it to embryo's, but at the same time we are really happy that we have the 3. It is a strange feeling and situation to be in.

Right now i think we just need to relax and keep our minds positive... easier said than done...

Fingers crossed everyone!

Take Care All x

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