14 March 2013

Scan 1

Hello Everyone!

So we have had out 1st scan to see how the Gonal-F and stimulation of my ovaries is going and i am pleased to say that it went fantastically!

Phil and i got to the clinic at 11am and after a short wait in the waiting room we were called into the scanning room. Then i had to strip below the waist (much to Phil's bemusement at the carefree way i just pulled my jeans and 'orange' knickers down!) and practically climb up on to the seat/stirrup thing. Then the lovely nurse 'popped' the camera into my lady bits and we were away!

She said that we shouldn't be too disappointment with the results so far as it is unlikely to be that great at this early stage. She showed us where my womb was, and said that my lining was brilliant, they hope for a measurement of at least 8mm at the time of egg transfer and mine was 9.3mm already!

Then she moved on to look at my ovaries. On one side she said there were 9 follicles that were of a good size, with 5 of them worth measuring and on the other side there were 7 follicles with 2 of them worth measuring. Phil and i couldn't understand how she could tell one follicle from the other but i guess she knows what she is doing!?

So all in all a great result, she seemed to be quite shocked at how well it has gone and said that i am to continue with the Gonal-F at 150iu (which shows me that my result is really good as a lot of people have a much higher dose than me) and the Buserelin at 0.2ml. She also booked us in for our second scan which is on Saturday the 16th! In 2 day's time! We couldn't believe it! She said that she estimates that we will have our collection on Tuesday/Wednesday next week! Blimey... that's a lot of exclamation marks.

It is happening so quickly, i think she could tell that we didn't expect that at all. I was thinking we might get to have another scan next week and maybe have egg collection the week after but by the end of next week we could be in PUPO...

Phew... i need to sit down! Ha ha.

Next step, our 2nd scan!

Take Care All xxx