19 March 2013

Scan 3 and Trigger Shot!

Hello Everyone!

What a busy few day's it has been!

We had our 3rd and final scan on Monday to once again check how my follicles were growing. This time my mother-in-law Christine came with me and it was a really nice day for us. One thing which was a shock was how busy the clinic was, Christine and i had to stand for a while before we got at seat! We didn't mind though, after all it does take an hour and a half to get to the clinic so it was nice to stretch our legs!

The scan (done by a different nurse this time) went really well again, my womb lining was 12mm (an increase of 1.5mm in 2 days) and the nurse measured 13 decent sized follicles. After the scan she said that it is likely that we will have our trigger shot on Tuesday with egg collection to be done on Thursday, this is because whilst there are 3 follicles that are at the right size for egg collection there is a cluster of 6-7 follicles that are just below the size needed . She said that 1 more extra day of stimulation should make those grow well enough for egg collection but they would confirm the date of collection later on by phone.

I had another blood test that was not as bad as the one before and then Christine and i left. Before we drove home though we did enjoy a lovely car picnic of hot cross buns, crisps and orange juice! It was really lovely!

Later than afternoon i received a phone call from the clinic to confirm that the egg collection would be going ahead on Thursday the 21st so i was to take my 150iu Gonal-F and 0.2ml of Buserelin as usual and someone from the clinic would call me tomorrow with the instructions for taking the trigger shot (Ovitrelle).

Fast forward to today and the clinic's phone call.

The nurse said to me that she wanted me to take the Buserelin 0.2ml as usual at my regular time of 6:30pm, not the Gonal-F. Then at 9:30pm i was to inject the Ovitrelle 250iu, this is the trigger shot. What the Ovitrelle does is mature the eggs in the follicles ready for the clinic to collect them 36 hours later. The trigger shot needs to be done at the exact time that the nurse tells you to do it and we were quite lucky really because she did say that they can ask for you to do it as late as 1am!

Then she said that Phil and i are to arrive at the clinic at 8:15am on Thursday( this means that we will have to wake up at 5:30! Yawn...) for my collection time of 9am. I am not allowed to have had a drink or eaten anything since midnight the night before, i am to wear no makeup/ perfume/ nail varnish etc and need to bring a dressing gown/ slippers/ socks and a panty liner with me, plus it might be an idea to bring a small hand towel with me too.

Whilst i am having my collection Phil will need to do his 'business' for them. I am sure that will be fun! Ha ha. Then after 2-3 hours i will be allowed home and will need to rest for the next day at least.

Just so you all can see what the Ovitrelle looks like i thought i would add a few pictures, you take the Ovitrelle in the same way as Gonal-F.

Again i like to lay everything out in front of me:

Set up the pen up like you would the Gonal-F pen and turn the dose up to 250iu:

Then inject the liquid as normal, making sure the oval window shows 0 before taking out the needle (after you have counted to 10) and releasing your finger.

So now we have about 35 hours to go until the egg collection and i don't think it has sunk in yet. I have done my last injection for this cycle now as tomorrow i won't have to inject anything, which is nice! I am not really nervous about it all, i don't really know what i feel?

I can only hope that we get a lovely batch of high quality eggs and that Phil's sample is good enough for them to inseminate well.

Fingers crossed for Thursday!

Take Care All x

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