16 March 2013

Scan 2

Hello Everyone!

This will probably turn out being the shortest update so far!

Today we had our 2nd scan to check on how my follicles were developing and again it went really well. My womb lining has grown to 10.5mm (an increase of 1.2mm in 2 days) and she measured 14 follicles, some of the follicles are doing so well, i expect that we will have a good number of eggs when it comes to the collection date. She also said that we can stay at the same dose of 150iu of Gonal-F and 0.2ml of Buserelin as they are working so well.

Our nurse then said that we will have another scan on Monday the 18th to check things and the way it is all going i will probably be taking the trigger shot (Ovitrelle) that evening. Ovitrelle will mature the eggs in time for the collection approximately 36 hours after the injection.

So that means that the egg collection date is most likely to be Wednesday the 20th!

After the scan i had to have a blood test, which was awful! Considering that i have been injecting myself for over a month now you would think i would be used to it by now, but nope! It really hurt me! In relation to that the nurse said that she thinks it is best if they were to do my egg collection under General Anaesthetic. I was upset by this but understand where she was coming from because during egg collection you have to be really still, and i just don't think i could be.

Phil won't be coming with me to the scan on Monday so his lovely Mum has said she will come with me which will be nice.

After the appointment Phil and i went to Lakeside shopping centre and went to Pandora where he bought me a lovely bracelet and 2 charms for it. One is red and has hearts on it and the other is green with 4 leaf clovers on it. Let's hope it increases our luck!

Take Care All! xxx

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