28 March 2013


Hello Everyone!
The blog title is a bit strange right?
It means  that i am currently 5 days past a 2 day transfer, for a 'normal' pregnancy this would put me at 7 days past ovulation, half way through the 2 week wait (2ww). For me though that is not the case as with our clinic we have to wait to test until we are 16dp2dt... so as you can see i have a little while to go yet!
I have had a fair few 2ww's in the past (36 to be exact!). Some of them quickly passing and some of them taking absolute ages! This 2ww though will be the hardest of all, and i know this because it has only been 5 days since we had our perfect little embryo put back in and already im thinking hurry up 2ww!!!
I hate wishing my life away, i think i mentioned this last year, one of the things that annoyed me the most about our time spent trying to conceive naturally was that i had wasted the best part of 2 years living my life in 2 week increments. We were either waiting for ovulation or in the 2ww, and it sucked! Imagine the things i could have achieved in that 2 year period, i could of studied something, changed my life somehow, but no, i just spent the whole time waiting for those 2 little lines to show on a test, and they never came...
It is so hard not to think about the embryo all the time, especially now as for the next couple of days it should (hopefully) be implanting into my womb lining. I do have a few 'symptoms' but they could just be symptoms of the Crinone Gel (which by the way is disgusting). At the moment i am very bloated, i feel sick, i have massive painful boobs, i have had a few episodes of bleeding gums (this is think could be due to a hormone being released to help the embryo implant) which is something i never have and i am having a few little cramps.
I also keep thinking that im about to come on my period (the following might be a bit too much information) as i am feeling very 'wet' down there. I think it is just clear cervical mucus, which is normal, but i wish it would stop worrying me!
There is nothing to do now except hope that this 2ww goes nice and quickly and that our little embryo grows into our little baby(s)!
Take Care All x

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