4 April 2013


Hello Everyone!

As you know we are in the 2 week wait (although technically it is 16 days long... yes... too long!) and i am doing ok, i think...

It is a bit strange really, and i find myself  1 minute thinking 'this is going really well, nice and smoothly, no problems' and then the next minute i am going mad, 'it's not worked, AF (period) is coming, no baby for us'... nightmare.

Whilst i know that 'symptoms' can be fabricated by your mind, they can be a result of both AF and pregnancy, plus they can also be due to the Crinone gel that i am using daily (for progesterone support) i am still going to keep a note of them, you know... just encase...

So this week has seen the arrival of many symptoms, some old (that i have had in previous months) and some new which i will go into detail about below.

Old Symptoms:

Fatigue: although never as bad as this, i have been almost falling asleep as early as 8:30pm! I am a night owl usually, and often don't fall asleep until past midnight so this is a really noticeable difference.

Nausea and Vomiting: in the past i have had feelings of nausea but this is much more constant. Plus i have had a few episodes of random vomiting, not enough to require my head down a toilet but enough to notice that it isn't normal.

Breasts changes: i usually have very painful boobs for the week before AF arrives, so much so that it feels like i want to just cut them off! I have had mild pain but nothing like what i usually have. They do seem bigger than usual and my areola's do seem to be slightly darker, but this could be related to AF also.

Cramping: a few days before AF is due i usually get a few cramps throughout the day, these are very dull and can last for quite a while. The cramps i have been having are very different to that though, these feel sharper, and are only on one side. I think that they could possibly be due to constipation too though.

New Symptoms:

Dizziness: almost every time i stand up i have to be slow about it as i can get very dizzy, very quickly!

Smell: i don't know if i am just more aware of things or if i really can smell things easier. For the last week i have been not only smelling perfume/ deodorant etc on people but also B.O is very obvious to me, which makes me feel quite sick. It was quite shocking really! Everything just seems to be stronger smelling.

Headaches: i have pretty much had a headache for the whole of this week and it is not letting up.

Mood: i haven't had my usual happy 1 minute, angry the next mood swings. This time though i am crying a lot, and i mean a lot! I cried at a radio advert, TV programs (someone made a really nice dish on Masterchef and i cried my eye's out for her!), things i have read that i wouldn't usually cry at. Sometimes i just start to cry and i have no idea why!

Constipation: i have been really constipated this week, but that could be a result of the progesterone.

There have been a few more 'symptoms' i am sure but i can't really remember them all. Should of written them down... oh well! Of course even with these symptoms we are still sticking to our 'positive but cautious' outlook.

We now have 4 more days until out OTD (official test date) and they are not passing quick enough! I am trying to keep myself busy, seeing family and friends, sleeping (ha ha!) and this weekend my friend Robyn and i are going to a craft show at the Excel in London, we can't wait!!!

So until Monday... fingers crossed!

Take Care All x


  1. And again fingers and toes crossed for tomorrow, starting to feel a little stalkerish x

  2. I can add laughing our heads off to mood swing symptoms after this weekends antics and baby brain/ memory loss noticeable whilst playing scrabble with calculations and spelling (I won for once lol) oh and had the horrible metallic taste in your mouth other day too all exciting symptoms xxxx Robyn

  3. Ha ha, don't worry Lauren, i don't mind! x