9 April 2013

Official Test Date (OTD)

Hello Everyone,

First of all a little apology, i noticed that yesterday i had over 80 views on my blog, all of those probably looking to find out the result of my OTD test. I am sorry but i was at work yesterday and last night i was falling asleep at 8pm!

So the result is... BFP!!!

We can't believe it! We are so happy, it is truly a miracle! People keep saying that the lines are really dark but of course i am still worried. I know that a BFP doesn't always mean a baby, so we are still excited but cautious...

I called the clinic to let them know of the outcome and they said that i am to do another test next Monday (the 15th) and if that is also positive they will arrange a scan for me. They said the scan is usually done around day 35-40 after ovulation, today is day 19 so i would estimate that the scan will be in the last week of April.

I am still having lots of lovely symptoms. I say lovely because i would rather have them than not have them. The one that is most noticeable is the constant tiredness, i am literally falling asleep most nights at 8pm-9pm! It is ridiculous, especially as i am a night owl and usually don't even feel tired after midnight!

I have no new symptoms to record, just a few changes... my nipples have become more sensitive and i swear my boobs are sprouting new veins daily! I also had a lot of cramping a few days ago (i am hoping it is the embryo getting nice and snuggled!).

Phil and i are slowly getting used to the idea that we are pregnant. Of course we are still aware of the problems that could arise, but i am keeping my lucky pants and bracelet nearby and we are keeping a positive mind for a positive outcome. There are times when we are really excited, i have caught Phil looking at my tummy a few times and it is hard to get Embie Dave out of our minds. We just really want this to be our chance to be a family.

It is nice to imagine the progression of my pregnancy, significant dates, like the 20 week scan, embie's due date etc... it is nice to look at prams and cribs, baby clothes and car seats. It is what keeps us going and helps us to remain positive, we deserve this little bit of luck.

We can only keep our fingers crossed that we continue to get BFP's and that when the scan date does come around there will be a tiny little fetus (or 2 of them!) all snuggled up and growing nicely in my womb.

The waiting game continues...

Take Care All x

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