17 April 2013

Count down to Scan Day!

Hello Everyone!

So it has been a fair few days since my last post and quite a lot has happened. I have wanted to write a new post for over a week now but to be honest i have been absolutely knackered! Sometimes i have had to have a nap in the afternoon and most nights i am in bed by 9pm. This might sound normal to some people but i don't usually fall asleep until after midnight!

My second test date was on Monday (15th) and as i expected it came back positive (the numbers are days past transfer):

I have done quite an amount of testing this past week, including a Clearblue one and all of them have come back positive, the most recent ones turning very positive (the test line has been stronger than the control line) the minute my wee (TMI, he he) hits them!

What was really nice was the Clearblue test showing me this:

It was so lovely to see those words 'Pregnant', and the 3+ weeks showed me that my HCG levels are rising, which the increasingly strong lines have been proving too. I couldn't stop looking at it! Luckily the result disappears after about 24 hours so i could carry on with the rest of my life! Ha ha.

So after my positive on Monday i called to clinic to let them know and they confirmed that my scan will be on the 25th April (next Thursday) at 2:15pm! It is very exciting but nerve-wracking at the same time! We are counting down the days that thankfully so far are going quite quickly. Just over a week to go until the time where we will see if our first attempt has worked. We will be so lucky if it has! As long as there is at least 1 little baby growing in there we will be incredibly happy, if there are 2 then that is great too!

My symptoms continue to increase in severity and i am not complaining (well... maybe a little bit). I am glad that i am feeling this way because it must mean that someone is in there, making me feel this way, creating all of the changes inside me.

The worst still is the tiredness, especially when i am at work... but a close contender is a lovely change to an old symptom... nausea. So now not only do i feel sick pretty much the whole day i have for the past few days actually been sick (only a little bit though), and because i am a bit different to most people, my 'morning sickness' only occurs in the evening. Usually whilst i am eating dinner, how lovely.

Amongst other things my breasts are showing me a lot of changes too, my areolas are definitely different, they seem to be darker and also slightly bigger. I also am still growing lots and lots of huge veins across my breasts and my nipples are still tingling at times.

So now it is another wait until our scan next week, we are still remaining cautious but we can't help but get a little bit more excited as the time goes on. We did buy a copy of 'what to expect when you are expecting' and i have been reading a little each day, which has been lovely. It is nice to know that the things that i am feeling are all normal.

I just hope that we can continue to be lucky and are blessed with a perfect, happy and healthy son or daughter in around 7-8 months time...

Take Care All x

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