13 June 2013


Hello Everyone,
We are now just over 14 weeks into our miracle pregnancy and have hit 100 days in! I can not believe how quickly this is all going. Soon we will be 15 weeks and then we will only have 25 left to go! Plus we all know how quickly Christmas comes around!
Things are going so rapidly and the appointments keep coming in thick and fast! This is my schedule so far:
27th June - 16 Week midwife appointment.
23rd July - 20 Week scan! Eek!
1st August - Consultant appointment.
Then my brother is getting married in September, Phil's birthday in November, plus I expect there will be more and more appointments along the way. I would like to organise to do Antenatal classes and Aquanatal swimming classes. So before we know it December will be here and Baby Dave will be on his way!!!
Oh god...
Since my last post we have received the results of our Down's test and I am so happy to say that we are very low risk. The bracket for high risk is anything lower than 1:150, our risk is 1:46108! Phew... obviously these tests are not 100% but it gives us a better chance that Baby Dave is well.
We have an AngelSounds Doppler at home so we could detect Dave's heartbeat and I had tried to find it a few times before without any luck. However, on my birthday Dave decided to give me a little treat and we found it! It was so wonderful! He was very low down, practically under my pelvic/ pubic bone so no wonder we couldn't find him before! Anyway... about 5 days after that I seemed to have suddenly ballooned, it isn't fat because I have actually lost a couple of pounds again, so I thought I would investigate and realised that Dave and my uterus/ womb have moved up out of my pelvis and are now about 2 inches higher!
As a result of this is will now need to go and get a few maternity clothes, which we will be doing on Sunday! How very exciting! I have already ordered some shoes for work, they do have a slight heel as I am very short but they are wedges so will be ok.
Other than that my symptoms are the same. I am still being sick every morning, my breasts are still becoming very blue and I am still very sleepy a lot of the time. Tonight is the last night of using the Crinone Gel though, and I will be so glad to see the back of that stuff! It is awful.
I will now sign off with a little note to tell you all that we are getting fish and chips for dinner tonight and I am so excited about it! Ha ha... love a bit of a craving!
Take Care All x

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