27 June 2013

16 Week Midwife Appointment

Hello Everyone!

Today we had our 16 week appointment which was brilliant. When we arrived it was a bit strange as we were in a communal room with other pregnant couples and a lady (who weirdly, was also pregnant) was testing our wee samples and blood pressure, which were fine. Then after a short while we were called in to see the midwife.

She went through our notes, asked us a few questions about test results and whether i had all the appointments booked that i needed. Then she said that she was going to see if she could find Dave's heartbeat. Before she used the Doppler she warned that she might not be able to find the heartbeat straight away, and that it could take a few minutes. Then she put the Doppler onto my tummy, just below my belly button and there Dave was! Beating away like a trouper! Ha ha ha, Phil and I did laugh, i felt so proud of my baby for being good.

Then we had a general chat about things, she asked if i had any questions, so i got out my bit of paper (so organised!) and said to her that i am still being sick every day, i haven't put any weight on and that i was experiencing a lot more discharge in the last week. She put our minds at ease and said that it was all perfectly fine and that she wasn't worried.

After the appointment we went to Tesco as they have a baby event on at the moment and picked up a few bargains, including 576 baby wipes! Ha ha. That should keep us going, well until we look into Asda's baby event in a few weeks...

Then when we got home i went through the various clothes that Robyn had sold to me a few years back, unfortunately a lot of them are unsuitable because her babies were born in the summer and mine will be a winter baby. Never mind... it will just mean we have lots of lovely shopping to do!

Speak of which we are going to go and look at more prams this weekend which we love to do! Phil said it is just like buying a car, typical of him, but i am so glad he is as excited as me!

Other than all of that going on what is really wonderful at the moment is that i finally have a reason to wear maternity clothes! I love them! I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to even buy those type of things, and seeing myself in the mirror with my ever expanding belly is enough to make me cry with tears of joy.

So just before i go i thought it might be nice to show you all a little bump photo i took last week:

Take Care All x

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