16 July 2013

19 Weeks and Movement!

Hello Everyone!

Wow... it has been quite a while since the last time i posted, oops! I can only guess that it is because the weeks are just flying by! Honestly, it is ridiculous! In 1 week we will be half way through our first pregnancy and i just can't believe it!

Although we are months past the 12 week mark i am still 'enjoying' being sick every morning... no one told me this was going to happen! Although i moan about it i don't really mind either! It is nice to know that my little baby is growing so much that my body is still responding to it. I have also for the past few weeks been experiencing the delight that is backache. Oh it does hurt... but again, i wouldn't change a thing!

I have been really enjoying listening to my tummy with my Doppler, i do so every few days or when i feel a bit worried and i always find Dave's heartbeat, which is so reassuring. It has been lovely to follow the growth of not only Dave but also my uterus. It is amazing to me that at the beginning i heard the heartbeat really low down in my pelvis and now i can find it around my belly button! How fantastic is that?

Also over the past couple of weeks i have been experiencing what i describe as little flutters and bubbles in my tummy. I haven't been 100% sure that this was Dave moving about, and i was constantly doubting it. Especially as it would only happen maybe once or twice throughout the day, and some day's not at all? However, today things changed... i was just relaxing on the sofa after having a particularly awful morning of sickness and i felt a quick succession of flutters and bubbles, all in the same place and it lasted for about 5 minutes, then it slowed down so i gave my tummy a poke and there was Dave, responding to my poke with kicks and prods! It was so beautiful that i just lay there for the next 15 minutes, feeling my miracle baby move about within me, with tears falling down my face at the wonder of it all...

We have 7 days to go until our Anomaly Scan, the 20 week scan, and we are so excited about seeing Dave again, and hopefully finding out his/ her gender! I still think i have a little girl in my tummy, and Phil is being controversial and saying that it is a boy, he just wants a difference of opinion to me though! Ha ha. It will be fantastic to be able to see how much Dave has grown, and check that everything is going well... fingers crossed aye?

Also after the scan we will be able to start committing to buying all of the things we have chosen for our baby. Monitors, furniture, clothing, toys, bears, bedding etc... it will be so much fun! We have already ordered our pram though! The SilverCross Wayfarer in Damson. We absolutely love it!

So much excitement still coming our way!

Take Care All x