30 July 2013

Anomaly Scan and Gender Results!

Hello Everyone! 

Wow... im a bit late with my update! Sorry about that but i just can't seem to keep myself awake to write it! 

So as you all know we had our 20 week scan last week, and it was brilliant! We had to sit in the same waiting area as we did last year when we were seeing the consultant in the hope to be put forward for IVF, so that was weird... and surreal. I was looking around at the other people waiting to be seen, wondering what their stories were, a few were obviously pregnant, but some were not, and they were with their partners or mums. I had all sorts of emotions running through my mind, i was so happy to be there and to be sporting my lovely bump, but i was also sad for those woman, who had to look at me and not know my story, just like me all those months ago. 

I didn't have much time to dwell on things though as we were called in to the scan room really quickly. The sonographer asked me how i was feeling in general, had i been feeling the baby kicking at all (YES!) and were we interested to know the gender of our baby. She asked me to lie down and then switched on the screen opposite so we could watch the whole scan! I have spoken to a few people about their scans and unfortunately quite a few people have said that they barely got to see their babies, so i did feel very lucky!

Throughout the scan she was taking her time to show us everything she was looking for, pointing out all of our little baby's organs etc. The one thing i was most anxious to see was that Dave had all his/ her arms and legs. Not for my vanity, but for Dave... it must be so hard growing up without them. The sonographer then went through Dave's whole body, showing us his/ her facial features, spine, limbs, brain, liver, kidneys etc... finally showing us Dave's heart, which was perfect! What i really loved about the sonographer was that she was very thorough... if she didn't see something at the time of looking she made sure she had seen it by the time we left. That is just what you want from a scan!

At one point she asked me what i had eaten for breakfast, i'd had jam on toast, she said 'ah, that would be why baby is moving around lots then', ha ha!

Also, another wonderful thing happened, we were just watching the screen and we saw Dave's whole body literally jump and i felt it! It was so wonderful not only for me, but Phil could see that the feelings that i have had were being caused by him/ her doing something! Near the end of the scan the sonographer said she was going to see if baby would tell us what gender they were, and without any trouble Dave became a GIRL (sorry about the picture, she was covering her face with her hands!).

So there we go! My prediction came true! We are going to have a gorgeous little daughter in December. Phil and I are so excited!

The weekend after the scan we went to Lakeside and did some PINK shopping, which was so lovely. We bought lots of nice bits for her room!

Our next appointment is in just 2 days, and it is with the consultant who we originally spoke to. It will be nice to talk through any problems i have, like the fact that i am still being sick, and also that i have only put on 4lb!

Until then though,

Take Care All x


  1. Such a wonderful post - HUGE congratulations to you both xx

  2. Thank you so much Gemma :) xxx

    Lauren, did you leave a message here? It seem's to of been deleted? x