28 August 2013

25 Weeks!

Hello Everyone!

Once again look how much time it has been between now and my last blog! I really must stop messing about and make more of an effort with this! After all, the other week i read back through some of my earlier posts and i loved it! I am so glad that i have made this blog!

Right, so what has been happening with me and Dave! Well... we are viable! Once you get past the 24 week mark your baby has a much better chance of survival, with each day and week past that time making it much more likely. Plus the hospital is able to help your little one if he or she comes too early once you are past 24 weeks. This has been a huge weight off my mind and shoulders... i feel much more confident in actually getting to keep my baby girl now.

I know you are itching to know, and the answer is yes... i am still being sick every day. Ha ha, oh it is such fun! Sometimes it is worse than others, but still not very pleasant. Still, i can't start my day without a visit to the loo with my orange bucket! I have also noticed that my breasts have started growing again, i seem to be getting more and more veins, and i am started to get tired again. I have now gained 8lbs in total, which i guess is a good thing. Plus, touch wood, i haven't yet got any stretch marks... although i expect that will change soon enough!

My little bump is ever-expanding and i think it is at maximum capacity now so will most likely start getting huge from now on, especially as Dave will now be piling on the pounds too! I am feeling lots of kicks and hiccups throughout the day, it would be nice to feel more and i hope that as she gets bigger she will pack more of a punch! It is really lovely that Phil is able to feel her bigger kicks and movements now too.

We have finally cleared her room out of all the extra stuff and rubbish we had stored! Some of it went in the bin, some went in the loft and some of it was finally sorted out and put into 'really useful boxes' under our bed in our bedroom. Then we painted 1 of her bedroom walls pink and refreshed the other 3 walls with magnolia (classic!) before piling all of the things we have bought for her neatly on the floor. I spoke to the company who are delivering the furniture we have ordered for her today and they estimate that we will have it all delivered within the next 2 weeks! Then we will get her mattress! It is all happening!!!

I really can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going...

We have got so much to look forward to in the coming months anyway, which will keep our minds off of the waiting, firstly we have my brother's wedding coming up on the 22nd September, then the day after that Phil and I are going on holiday to Caister, Great Yarmouth! Plus the other day i booked our 3D/4D scan for the 1st October at Bourn Hall! We are really looking forward to it and are so excited to see our baby girl again!

Lastly, i have organised my maternity leave, which makes this having a baby lark even more real! My official leaving date is the 1st December but i am using up some annual leave so my last working day is Wednesday 13th November! Only 76 days to go! I am so excited!!!

Our little longed for miracle will be with us before we know it, and i for one can't wait!

Take Care All x

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