28 September 2013

Growing Bigger...

Hello Everyone!

Wow... the last month has just whizzed past! I really am struggling to get my head around how quickly this pregnancy is going. It is starting to make me feel a bit sad that in just 10 short weeks it will all be over and i will not be pregnant anymore... obviously i will have my little baby girl, but i will definitely miss being pregnant.

Madness i hear you shout! It is true! Even though i have spent the last 29 weeks or so worried, nervous and sick as a dog i will miss her kicking and tumbling about in my tummy. I will miss the joy that i feel when i catch my ever expanding bump in a mirror, and i will miss just sitting quietly, holding my lovely bump and dreaming about my baby girl.

What has become really wonderful is that her movements are much more obvious to us both. Not only is she kicking me often now, she is also rolling around in there! It is such a weird sensation, but weirder still it is not bizarre... what i mean is that it feels totally normal to feel her just kicking and prodding away randomly through the day and night. We like to just sit staring at my tummy moving and creating all sorts of shapes!

I really can't get my head around the fact that we are over 29 weeks pregnant now, i am so eager to start 'nesting' and getting her room, clothes and other bits sorted. I will be packing my hospital bag shortly and we have pretty much got everything she needs. Alongside the countdown to her birth we have Christmas to sort out too... this moment really is the calm before the storm. It think these last 10 weeks will go incredibly quickly due to how busy they will be.

We just got back from our lovely break in Caister, it was at a Haven's caravan park and we had a really great time. Although i was shattered at the end of the day it was really relaxing for us both. We did a lot of walking and Phil steered us around some lakes of the broads in a little boat! It really was a fantastic holiday and as you can see below i felt really calm throughout it all...

The next thing for us to look forward to is happening in just a few days! On Tuesday we are going back to Bourn Hall for our 4D scan. To say we are excited is an understatement! I really can't wait to see our baby again, it has been 10 weeks since our last time and i am sure it will be amazing!

So now it is just more waiting... that is all we seem to do!

Take Care All x

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